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It is now June 3, and these last two months were enough to prove that the spell did not work. I did it either Saturday late night or Sunday really early so we're talking either May 31 o June 1. Came Monday, June 2, nope. There was no automated reply or any reply from Calastrology. So I sent them another email, late Monday night-very early Tuesday morning we're talking like midnight hours.

I have still not recieved any automated messages for them.

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This is getting a little pathetic. I do not know what is going on, but here what I am guessing is happening. Tried them a few times nothing happened waste of money totally. The response was always impersonal very genetic not personal at. Won't try them again. Don't have money to waste. Yeah ok, after realizing 7Witches. First off my life had been going down the drain, and I wasn't getting that "best; great" 8th grade year I've been hoping for, last year - 7th grade was Hell already and I really wasn't going to let it describe my 8th grade year again.

However they just decided to let people have a bad child hood, the next day I got email saying "We've canceled your order; you may purchase our products but it is in our policy not to cast spells for people under the age of 18".

Has anyone used California Astrology Association?

There was a mere problem, oh Hell I wasn't going to wait 10 days, and I didn't know how to generate 3-way calls. So after waiting like 10 days later; it had been about a month I stumbled across other-spell casting site called PaganShop1.

Is the california astrology association products and services real and do they work for sure?

I had been on my feet not being able to go to bed because of all this excitement, well this is where my excitement led me to on Monday December 28, And really couldn't they tell me that in their last email!?!?!?!? And plus in their FAQ's this is what they said "You may order our products with parental permissions".

WTF, that isn't the same as being 18 or older.

I don't what it is with these phony-spell casters now their just saying, OK let's just let people have BAD childhood. And this is what their doing to me. I took my Vanilla Visa and basically threw against the window. I nearly broke by keyboard. And of course I told them I was using this Vanilla Visa gift card, and all that.

And this is what send me back. No charging was done at this time; only an authorization. We won't charge for an order, you can pick on of the items you ordered and we'll send it to you free of charge. I told them NO But nooooo I'm not being selfish and if I was, I would've took the free item and demanded free rush shipping. But NOPE. And guess what? It's been 12 hours Ok, so I send like 15 more messages I tried calling their FAX number I want something done FAST. And plus, they said "We'll expect that you'll have no problems with your Visa card as no charging took place".

The California Astrology Association refused to refund me, so that was why I contacted these offices.

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You can google them and get their contact information if you need to make a complaint against California Astrology Association. Since then, after I got my refund, I never ever did business with them ever again as they angered me and betrayed my trust in them. California Astrology Association In my opinion, they are a scam and their spells do not work.

California Astrology Association -

If you are in a similiar situation of not getting your refund from them, please contact the cosumer affairs department and Attorney General of California and file a complaint as this will get their attention and make them respect you. Have you ever heard of something too good to be true? If not, CalAstrology has that in spades. Everything on its site is designed to lure people in, right down to the Testimonials.

I purchased one love spell that did not work. I was told to maybe purchase another one to enforce the first one, so like an idiot, i did. They claimed the spells came with a refund guarantee. I also purchased a weight loss spell to aid with my diet and exercise plan.

None of the spells worked at all. And it seems they worked in the opposite way than intended. I requested a refund but was told to give the spells time to work. It has been six months and no results. I still haven't recieved my refund. This is a scam to lure in people who do believe in this. Im no longer a believer.

Do not make the same mistake. The spells do not work Related Complaints Spellsonline. Ashra Spells Spells that work.

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